Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Photos of CNW 7700 on Passenger Car Blog

This last month has just whizzed right on by and many thing are happening as spring finally finds it's way into the Midwest.

Chuck and I have been back to the Illinois Railway Museum twice now. He has been refinishing windows for the Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway 84 all winter in our basement and we went to IRM on 4/5/08 to get frame measurements so he can shave off enough of the window wood to keep them from sticking when the weather turns hot and humid.

On 4/19/08 we went out again and Chuck worked on removing all the broken screws from the six window frames he is working on. I got some photos of the CNW 7700 lightweight coach/baggage car's newly hung baggage compartment door. And then got a surprise when the Yard 5 move started happening. Everyone had understood the move would be delayed until after the board of directors meeting scheduled for the evening of 4/19/08 but 'the powers that be' went ahead with the plan. I got a little bit of video from moving the Turbine but I haven't yet edited the clips or uploaded them to YouTube. I'll get that done soon.

More details about the move can be found on the blog as well as upcoming plans for the Passenger Car Department at the IRM. We plan to head back to the museum this coming Saturday if possible.

Also coming up is a trip to Hancock Michigan for Chuck and I with our friends from Dixon Illinois who are restoring an old steam locomotive that used to be in service at the Quincy Mine. There are two of the original locomotives and tenders on the property behind the only remaining intact hoist house. They are in need of a lot of attention to preserve them as restoration is pretty much out of the question. They are remnant of the old Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad.

Things will be happening a little faster now that spring is finally here. We have several railfan trips planned and the Milwaukee Road Historical Association Annual Convention is coming up in late June. Expect to see a little more action here for the summer.