Friday, July 14, 2006

Milwaukee Road 261 Excursion

In 2005 I took some digital images of our fall 261 excursion and here are some of my favorites.

We were seated in the Cedar Rapids for this excursion. Here's a shot looking toward the rear of the car.

Here's a shot taken from the back of the car looking forward. No other passengers had boarded.

Looking at the blue sky through the signature window styling of the Cedar Rapids above the back of the car.

This was taken in Winona during our layover.

One of my most favorite shots taken just as the engine was powering up for departure after we had disembarked for a two hour layover in Winona.

One of the best things about riding in the Cedar Rapids is being able to see a lot of the scenery. Here's a shot of Dayton's Bluff near St. Paul.

Recreational train travel is such a gas. But when you are sitting in the back of the Cedar Rapids sipping cocktails and enjoying the company of other railfans, it's just like heaven.

More later.

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Alone on the Cedar Rapids

On October 8, 2005 Chuck and I took the 261 from it's barn in St. Paul to Winona, MN. Here's a short video clip of the inside of the Cedar Rapids car where we were seated that day. We arrived early and just happened to catch the car empty for a few minutes.

Chuck got a nice little camcorder for his birthday present from the kids. These first videos are a little rough but you can still get the feel for the train.

More soon!

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